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Aparigraha and Isvara Pranidhana: Exploring the Connection between Non-grasping and Surrender

The Bhagavad Gita: Winthrop Sargeant 3.25: While those who are unwise act from attachment to action, so the wise should act without attachment intending to maintain the welfare of the world 4.33 Better than the sacrifice of material possessions is the wisdom sacrifice, arjuna; all action without exception arjuna is fully comprehended in wisdom 5.10 […]

Studio and Program Spotlight: Mainstreet Yoga

We are happy to announce our 500 hour yoga teacher training with a focus on understanding the foundations of yoga therapy being continued this year and next year at Mainstreet Yoga in Bloomington Illinois. This will be the second time we have run the full program at this studio. We are so happy to continue […]


An intention of yoga therapy that I have been working with is one we came up with in a class one day at Maryland University of Integrative Health:  To end suffering by coming into alignment with a greater truth and from that space of truth being and interacting in the world. In class, we spoke […]

Knowledge, Discrimination and The Gunas

Two similar quotes from the Gita are inspiring me at the moment.  The first is: “The yogin who is satisfied with knowledge and discrimination, who is unchanging, with conquered senses, to whom a cold, a stone and gold are the same is said to have attained Samadhi. 6.8 What does it mean to be satisfied […]

Prana and Apana and neuroplasticity

Prana can be defined as an underlying energy that is within us and the universe. An energy or vitality or aliveness that we can have access to all times.  In our lives we either allow that energy to flow through us, to be felt and seen and integrated or we can resist against it. Resistance […]

Yoga Therapy and Hips

In October I am speaking at the KYTA conference on yoga and hips and wanted to write a small article about what I will talk about. So I wanted to share it here. This is something I teach in the anatomy, musculoskeletal and Maryland University courses. Yoga Therapy is a vast field with many facets. […]

Yoga U online course

I am very excited that next week I will be presenting information on the tantra hatha yoga approach to working with chronic pain.  Here is the link to the course: http://yogauonline.com/yogaspirit/webinar/chronic-pain-and-tantra-hatha-yoga-integrating-current-biomedical-understanding-ancient-mode I have taught this material several times and it never ceases to amaze me how the ancient tantra hatha yoga concepts give us such […]

Therapeutic Meditation Retreat. July 2014

Here is information about the retreat that Tracey Sondik and I are leading next year. An opportunity to deepen your own journey into healing and yoga!   Therapeutic Meditation Retreat: A Body Journey to Access Your Inner Wisdom and Truth July 31 – August 3, 2014 Please join Marlysa Sullivan, Director of Pranakriya 500 hour Therapeutic […]