This page lists resources of classes, websites, books and talks that you may find helpful in your exploration of yoga therapy.

Affiliate Studios

Yoga U Online: An excellent resource for education and practices with expert teachers. Click here for the website

    • Marlysa offers webinars on many topics on this site. You can find her courses by clicking here  Her courses have included topics of understanding how to work with yoga on common musculoskeletal imbalances of the upper body, lower body and spine which contribute to pain, working with chronic pain and understanding the vagus nerve
    • Marlysa offers classes which you can find on the site by clicking here  She has courses including working with forward folds, meditative practice and working with stability through yoga

Working with Pain Podcast: Dr. Joe Tatta offers a healing pain podcast where he speaks to many professionals in the field of integrative health on working with pain. You can click here for his podcast

  • Marlysa spoke on understanding the social domain of health and working with yoga therapy to effect this domain and its importance in working with the pain client. Click here to listen to this podcast

Additional Resources

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