Studio and Program Spotlight: Mainstreet Yoga

We are happy to announce our 500 hour yoga teacher training with a focus on understanding the foundations of yoga therapy being continued this year and next year at Mainstreet Yoga in Bloomington Illinois. This will be the second time we have run the full program at this studio. We are so happy to continue working with Debra, Jeff and the Mainstreet Yoga community.   Debra has been practicing yoga therapy for years and has a beautiful knowledge of the depth of this practice for a variety of populations.  Jeff, who is the director of the course on understanding the interplay of fascia in yoga practice, is a very talented and inspiring massage therapist and yoga therapist.   Their studio models a unique practice in that there is ayurveda, massage, yoga and yoga therapy.  We are lucky to be part of this community of yoga practitioners and healers. If you travel for a program, this is a wonderful place to visit and be inspired by the vision of the studio as well as the intention and heart of the community.

Currently the programs we have scheduled are:

Musculoskeletal Assessment run in a 2 weekend format: Dec 12-14 2014 and Jan 23-25 2015 with Tra Kirkpatrick

Tantra Hatha Yoga Approach to Chronic Pain and Common Medical Conditions: April 24-26 2015 with Marlysa Sullivan

The Yoga Way: Towards Psychological Health and Emotional Well-being: June 19-23 2015 with Holle Black

We will be looking at also scheduling the Bhagavad Gita and Meditation Courses.


Thank you so much Debra and Jeff for hosting us and we look forward to the continued relationship!

Please see our calendar page and the resources page for these and other programs this year.

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