Getting to the Root of Modern Disease: Summit with Gina Sager


Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Treating the Person in Pain. Edited by Neil Pearson, Shelly Prosko and Marlysa Sullivan

Coming in 2020: Understanding Yoga Therapy: Applied Philosophy and Science for Well-being. Marlysa Sullivan with Laurie Hyland Robertson


Yoga therapy and polyvagal theory: The convergence of traditional wisdom and contemporary neuroscience for self-regulation and resilience.  Marlysa Sullivan, Matt Erb, Laura Schmalzl, Steffany Moonaz, Jessica Noggle Taylor, Stephen Porges. In Frontiers of Human Neuroscience

Toward an explanatory framework for yoga therapy informed by philosophical and ethical perspectives  Marlysa Sullivan, Steffany Moonaz, Kristine Weber, Jessica Noggle Taylor, Laura Schmalzl. In Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine

Understanding Yoga’s Roots in Evidence Informed Practice. Marlysa Sullivan, Diane Finlayson, Steffany Moonaz.  In Yoga Therapy Today Summer 2017

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